Questions and Answers on Foreclosure

How long can you stay in your house before you get put out ,we are unable to pay our house payment . We are not renting ,we own:   We are one month behine on our house payments. and have no  way to pay right now ,How long do they give a person before they put you out for not paying your mortage. We are having money problems right now.

A: Alejandro’s answer:    You must take action right now to “buy” as much time as possible to either stay permanently in your home or to be able to move out. To do this, you should pick a lawyer of your choosing to explain to you the different government programs and legal strategies which will allow you to stay permanently and/or, should you decide to leave, to even leave the home without being sued afterwards by the bank and to have no personal liability for the mortgage loan. There are many ways to accomplish those goals. In my office I have some foreclosure cases (you must be sued for the foreclosure case to proceed) where I have been able to hold the bank from taking over my client’s real estate for even a period of two years. Each case is different, but you must seek help now to prevent future problems and to avoid having to leave the property sooner than later.

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