New Waiver or Forgiveness Immigration Process Approved under Form I-601A

By: Attorney Alejandro R. Lopez

A new hope for certain relatives of United States citizens who are illegally in the United States.

On March 4th, 2013, a new process will come into effect through which certain relatives of U.S. citizens who are physically present inside the United States, but who are illegal, can ask for a waiver (forgiveness) to the United States government to eliminate their “inadmissibility” and minimize the so called “time penalties” which exist right now (from 5 to 10 years), which the U.S. government imposes, outside the United States before returning to the U.S.A. again.

Please notice that this is not an easy process and is highly complex. You can see its complexity by visiting the U.S. immigration site at:!documentDetail;D=USCIS-2012-0003-3739 where you can review all the terms of the new rule. We recommend you that, if you are interested in this new process to be able to process your husband or wife, son or daughter, father or mother, that you have a meeting with a lawyer of your choice before proceeding to register the form, since certain details in the new rule could place the status of your relative in the United States in great danger if the process is not carried out with detail, legality, and precision.

As always, our Firm is ready to process this type of case and we offer you legal consultation to advise you regarding your specific case and to determine if this waiver is a good option for your relative. Call us at (407)  649-1404 or contact us through our website of


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