The People Questions…and Alejandro, Your Attorney in Orlando, Answers:

My mother passed! Her Townhouse has me listed as Life Estate. What do I need to do to get the property in my name?:   I also currently live in the Townhome and have for the past 8 years.  Papers list me with my prior married name!  Need to change that too!

A: Alejandro’s answer:    According to what you say, it is in your name already! However, the “type” of property right you own is a “life estate”. That is, you cannot rent or sell the property. You must maintain it. You can live in the property until you die, as long as you upkeep it, maintain it, and pay the fees (homeowners’ association fees, property taxes, etc.) associated with it. If by your question you mean you want to change the “life estate” transfer to a “fee simple” transfer so you can sell the property or rent it, it may be too late at this point (depending on the language of your current deed), since the transfer must have been done during her lifetime to reflect “fee simple absolute” instead of a “life estate”.
Can you file for divorce in FL if you are unemployed?  Been separated for about a year (shes in a diff state)  In that time the:   the kids have lived w/ me.  I have been living off of savings.  I am currently unemployed but I am employable.  Mainly I have been out of work due to the nature of our separation.  I never knew what the day would bring with her in my life.  Even being hundreds of miles away it was impossible for me to work and try to hold our marriage together.  We were supposed to be split for 2-3 months but it has been 12.  I have been living a pipe dream thinking she was going to come around and TRY to make this work.  Tons of promises that were always broken & literally hundreds of lies later I have finally had enough.  All I care about are my girls.  I would like to have majority of custody.  Do I need to wait until I have a job a certain length of time or am I screwed because I have been unemployed

A: Alejandro’s answer:    Your unemployment does not impact the divorce. You can file it with no problems. The unemployment could affect you if you are requesting custody and your future ex uses the factor to show a court you are unable to support the children.


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