Has Immigration Reform Finally Arrived to the United States?

By Attorney Alejandro R. Lopez

The answer is still unknown, but this time there is a good possibility. Politicians have realized of the acquisitive power hispanics have gained through time in the United States and fear not to have that power on their side. The Republican party, as well as the Democratic party, appear to be in agreement to proceed with the reform of the immigration laws of the United States this very same year of 2013.

The basic proposals are as follows:

1. Increase the efforts to secure the U.S. borders, including the use of more government agents, drones (usually used in the Afghanistan war), and surveillance equipment,

2. Require the implementation of an entry and exit system to and out of the United States to be able to follow the steps of persons who come into and exit the United States with temporary visas, to determine if they have come out of the country when it is required,

3. Create a commission of legislators and community leaders who reside in the United States’ southwest border to make recommendations when the new security measures have been accomplished,

4. While the security measures are on their way, illegal immigrants in the United States could:

a. register with the U.S. government,

b. go through criminal background checks, and

c. pay penalties (to be still determined by law), as well as pay back federal taxes,

to be able to obtain a probationary immigration status,

5. Once the security measures are in place, those immigrants who are in the probationary status would be able to apply for U.S. permanent legal residence, but after other immigrants who are already in the system applying for permanent legal residence,

6. Persons who were brought to the United States as children, and agricultural farmers, would have a faster way to U.S. citizenship,

Also, to improve the immigration system, it is proposed that:

A. The delays in producing family and employment visas be eliminated,

B. U.S. residence be provided to immigrants who obtain high education degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, from U.S. colleges and universities,

C. Systems of legal employment verification be established in the United States,

D. Electronic systems be established, which could not be duplicated, to require that workers show their legal status and indentity,

E. Higher and more serious criminal penalties and fines be imposed to employers who, knowingly, hire illegal immigrants,

F. Allow employers to hire immigrants if they can show that they were not successful in hiring a U.S. citizen and that hiring an immigrant will not displace U.S. workers,

G. Create a program of agricultural workers to be able to satisfy agricultural industry’s need when U.S. citizen workers do not exist to satisfy that need,

H. Allow immigrants who have lower skills to enter the United States when the economy is based in creating jobs, and less of those immigrants when such type of economy does not exist, and

I. Allow workers who have been successful in the job market place, and who have contributed to their communities throughought the years, to gain permanent residency in the United States.

It is supposed that these immigration legal reform proposals take shape by the Spring or Summer of 2013, and that, if this reform is approved, that it will be a way for the eleven million (or more) illegal immigrants in the United States to obtain their permanent residence in the United States and, later on, their citizenship. It does not appear it will be an easy process.

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